Adobe photoshop keyboard shortcuts for mac

Read how to optimize the use of Microsoft Teams for Education through communication and collaboration. Now, a new Microsoft Add-In for Outlook is improving the obsolete poll function. Best Keyboard Shortcuts Adobe Photoshop. Too Many Shortcuts at Once? Download your cheat sheet.

Wednesday 21 September Comment on this article Leave a comment to let us know what you think about this topic! Leave a comment. Comments Write a comment Your name. Your e-Mail address. Give your preset a name that will help you remember what product images these crop settings will be applied to, such as "product thumbnail. With your crop preset created, you can click on any product image with the crop tool, select your custom preset from the W x H x Resolution dropdown, and use the guides to position the subject of your photo in a similar fashion across all images.

The crop tool also offers you some other useful tricks to ensure consistency. Click on the Straighten icon and draw a line along the edge of your product photo to straighten your image. Check Content-Aware to fill in any extra areas around your cropped area with pixels that match the edges of your original image. Hover your mouse over the edges of your crop guides to rotate your image within the crop bounds. Once you're satisfied with your crop, click the check mark in the Options bar.

Then repeat with the next image in your product series. Like the crop tool, a little bit of setup with your export functions can save hours of time in your workflow. If you know you'll be working on a large batch of web-ready photos that need to have the same file format, you can set up your Quick Export settings and then rapidly export each file into a web-ready format.

In the dialog box that appears, you can choose what file format you want your image to export to JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG , the location where you want the exported file to live, and what color space you want the exported file to be in. If you've created a metadata template with copyright information, you can choose to have that applied to exported files here as well.

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File Photoshop shortcuts (PC/Mac)

By default, Quick Export doesn't have its own shortcut key command, but you can make your own! In the dialog window that appears, choose Application Menus next to Shortcuts For: and click on File in the scrolling menu at the center of the window. Scroll down until you see Quick Export for [your file type]. When you click on Quick Export the option will become highlighted, and a text box will appear to its right.

Here, you can type in a specific key command shortcut. Once you've found a key command that is suitable for Quick Export , click Accept. Then click OK. Note: Do not click Add Shortcut as you risk overwriting all of your File menu shortcuts by doing so. Does not work if Crop tool is active.

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Select multiple points in Curves panel. Click the first point; Shift-click additional points. Add point to curve in Curves panel. Control-click in preview.

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop CS6 - dummies

Command-click in preview. Move selected point in Curves panel 1 unit. Move selected point in Curves panel 10 units. Open selected images in Camera Raw dialog box from Bridge. Open selected images from Bridge bypassing Camera Raw dialog box. Display highlights that will be clipped in Preview. Alt-drag Exposure, Recovery, or Black sliders.

Option-drag Exposure, Recovery, or Black sliders. Highlight clipping warning. Shadows clipping warning. Filmstrip mode Add 1 - 5 star rating. Filmstrip mode Add red label. Filmstrip mode Add yellow label. Filmstrip mode Add green label. Filmstrip mode Add blue label. Filmstrip mode Add purple label. Camera Raw preferences.

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Deletes Adobe Camera Raw preferences. Open the Black-and-White dialog box.

Basic Command Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop

Change the values of the closest color slider. Click-drag on the image.

Open the Curves dialog box. Select next point on the curve. Select the previous point on the curve. Select multiple points on the curve. Shift-click the points. To delete a point on the curve. Select a point and press Delete. Move the selected point 1 unit. Move the selected point 10 units. Display highlights and shadows that will be clipped. Set a point to the composite curve. Control-click the image.

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Command-click the image. Set a point to the channel curves. Option-click the field. Subtract from a selection. Intersect a selection. Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to Lasso tool. Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to polygonal Lasso tool. Move copy of selection. Move selection area 1 pixel. Move layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layer. Accept cropping or exit cropping. Toggle crop shield off and on. Convert between horizontal and vertical guide. Transform from center or reflect. Free transform with duplicate data. Transform again with duplicate data. Select multiple anchor points.

Magnetic Pen tool-double-click. Close path with straight-line segment. Select foreground color from color picker.


10 Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop

Select foreground color from image with Eyedropper tool. Select background color. Deletes color sampler. Sets opacity, tolerance, strength, or exposure for painting mode. Sets flow for painting mode. Mixer Brush changes Mix setting. Mixer Brush changes Wet setting.