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Yeah, well, neither are you. She flounced down the sidewalk to find Cassy standing in the middle of the street, waving at the ice cream truck. It idled in front of her, the driver shaking his head in disgust. Behind the toddler, a mini-van full of mothers and children dressed for a day at the lake were just about to pull over and take charge. Zoe narrowed her eyes at the prim-lipped women. She picked Cassy up and dumped her over the fence, hollering at the house, Come get your kid before the Dickie Dee man runs her over!

When Zoe came home between the matinees, Alice was taking lasagna out of the oven, face glistening with sweat, a fan set up on either end of the counter, churning the hot stale air.

Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley to Host CMA Awards for 10th Straight Year

Zoe picked her up and carried her to the sink, holding her away from the stupid yellow shirt with the film reel on the back. Brownies, too? Did you ever think about that? That maybe you made a mistake?

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Alice wiped her brow with an oven mitt. You cut your leg off with a chainsaw? Your child was kidnapped and raped by the vacuum salesman? Oh, he left her dead in a ditch? If Vancouver was Hollywood North, with its cappuccino and production studios, its sea-wall dotted with celebrities, the ocean breeze washing the city with slick, fresh appeal, then Prince George was the capital of lame home movies shown on stained white sheets tacked to basement fake-wood paneling, grainy shots of naked babies waving in bathtubs and humiliating slices of school plays.

Prince George was full of 4X4-ing, hockey addicted, sweat-drenched guys whose sole goal in life was to get on at the mill and save up for a big screen TV. On the other hand, Zoe had been fully prepared to stick it out there until she graduated, although since Luisa went back to Brazil, she was friendless again.

The summers were always like that. Zoe was already looking forward to that.

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Every creative genius had a shitty childhood they grew up to exploit, right? Nine moves in fifteen years, and not one of them to anywhere half decent. Was that fair? Whoever said life was fair, Zoe? Did I ever say life was fair? And Zoe, running up and down the walk with boxes and chairs and lamps and suitcases and black garbage bags full of stuff they ran out of time to pack properly.

This move was different. Alice and Zoe just lounged in their bathing suits and sunglasses on towels on the front lawn, lathered in suntan lotion.

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Zoe guzzled back lemonade in the dry heat, while Alice sipped hers, generously spiked with mint schnapps. She was determined to help. Just as the three of them were about to leave, Harris drove up, his beat-up truck clunking so loud they heard him long before they saw him.

Alice pulled her sunglasses down briefly. Here we go, she muttered under her breath. Prepare for a scene. Harris had come over late the night before, after Zoe had finally finished packing and had gone to bed. He and Alice had talked in the kitchen with the door closed, their voices starting out all hushed and civilized and then getting louder and louder until they were screaming at each other like afternoon talk show trash.

He was all, What the hell makes you think you can just up and take off with my little girl? There was a dangerous pause, and then something, it sounded like a beer bottle, smashed onto the tiles. The movers squinted into the sun at him. Harris scowled at them. What the hell you looking at?

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Harris knocked his forehead against the steering wheel a couple of times before getting out and marching over. He thrust the roses at her. Alice sighed. See that? She pointed to the moving truck. And see that? She pointed to the orange station wagon, with its bashed-in side and mismatched hood. My little family: Zoe, Cassy and me. Zoe looked at Alice, eyebrows raised, waiting for her to give him the whoever-said-life-was-fair line.

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Alice just stared at him, waiting for him to get on with it. He pointed a nicotine-stained finger at her.

The makers of the film are willing to change key parts of the characters we know and love for the sake of a few extra bucks. Very sad indeed. I just hope the SATC2 writers thought about the characters when they closed up each of their stories rather than keeping their stories open deliberately for the sake of a third film.

Or it could just be crap. Who knows? The statement is certianly a sell-out on SATC team! I loved the series and both movies but the first thing i noticed is the mac replacement and the commercials how sad!!!! Latest Comments. Remember Breath Asure from the 90s? Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact.

Carrie on a Mac in the first film and advertising an HP PC for the second, below The first Sex and The City movie was full of references to specific brands and companies. Adrienne says:. May 19, at am.

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