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Robert, Anna, Robin and bring back Patrick and sign them all to a contract! Leave Mac as the commissioner. This way, we might get to see more of the vets like him and Felicia, and Lucy, and Robert. Yes, we do need the new generation to carry stories but I think I speak for many of us older folk that we need our vets too.

I liken on the menfolk, Wally kurth NED. Carly and baby is ho-hum and the once fiery Chorinthois family has been reduced to empty can state. They are true valley girl mall rats, for sure. Scorpio finally got canned and so should Anna.. Military 5 star leaders are grandfathered-in until they leave or die but not field combat active.

There is not one, not one, story of excitement, drama, of intriguing WOW factor.

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HEy su, bite that sharp tongue! Anna is great with Robert—and will return after summer vacation. And Scorpio does NOT sing lullabies! That man can ACT. Come on, su! Will you? Love it! I remember when he lost his job and Anna took over. After 21 years at GH he was taken off contract. Why mess with perfection???? Yea for the return of Mac. And hopefully Robert as his unofficial sidekick. But I do hope they can find something for Jordan.

I like her and Curtis on GH. Maybe they can be a investigative team like Sam and Jason? I immediately thought.. Jax wanted to give her a heads up? ALL that is taken care of. Julian — AND — Kim. Julian AND Drew. I sure wish Drew was more animated. Michael lacks so much character with no personality. Sam never really ; loved that much.. Did any one else.. I am hoping for a huge payoff surprise then… AND that his memory return will be.

Oh Patrick, As the song goes, where do I begin?

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As Celia said, she looks a little old for him, more like a sister. Maybe he can do what the law has yet to do, to pay for her crimes. Look how many parents have led him to where he is now. He does like to brag of his importance, his money and family. Maybe they could spread a little straw on the floor, making it easier for Carly to walk on, in her bare feet.

Keep smiling Patrick, looks good on you. Liz insists to him that she is wife, but he tells her that he is sorry but he does not recognize her. Franco insists he is going to leave town and Drew asks him to please stay put, as Liz promises that they can reverse what happened to him.

But can Liz really promise that? Meanwhile, as Kim Tamara Braun and Julian William deVry prepare to leave Port Charles for Manhattan and start live anew, so Kim can not be haunted by her life in Port Charles from the recent death of her son, Oscar things are about to make a shocking turn … for her. Back at GH, Liz is upset when Franco decides he must get out of his hospital room. Liz is scared he will just skip town knowing he feels he has no ties there. Drew reassures her that because he is a version of him, the pull will be way too strong for him to exit Port Charles.

Kim is now at the hospital getting ready to turn in her resignation letter and runs into Franco. Kim is not sure why Franco is acting that way. She announces she is leaving Port Charles to which he says he is going to come with her. She sees he has a hospital ID bracelet on, so she thinks something has happened.

Just then, Franco tells her about the first time Drew Cain and her met up! Share your thoughts on the twist via the comment section below! Now, any General Hospital fan knows that if there is skullduggery and evil going down, Helena Cassadine whether dead or alive is usually somehow involved when it comes to the lives of certain people in Port Charles. But could what is revealed also relate to the story that will see Billy Miller Drew exit the canvas later this month? Stay tuned. And, who is ultimately having that flashback?

This was the first time that Kelly addressed the situation in a public forum. Honestly, I can not come up with the words to describe how I feel about this decision… a decision that may not be what our audience thinks to be true. Connect with us. Share Tweet.


Perkie's Observations: Mac Starts His New Job on General Hospital - Daytime Confidential

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June 19, am. June 21, am. Lynne Sheridan. I so agree, Harry! June 19, pm. James R.

General Hospital Clip: Kevin Is A Part Of My Soul

Like I said! June 23, pm. GH has become staler and more stupid. The Oliver stuff is dull boring filler; nothing but empty. The cult stuff is Lame.. Subsequently, prospective Technicians were chosen from those taking the special courses for training as Medical, Surgical, Dental, Laboratory, and X-Ray specialists by the professional Officers of the organization.

Everything You Need to Know About Mac Scorpio on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Due regard was given to their continued training, including physical conditioning and necessary individual security measures. In addition, 75 Technicians training at various named General Hospitals were assigned as specialists to the 3d General. Throughout the entire training period the unit was confronted with a lack of adequate hospital facilities for the training of both Officers and Enlisted Men. The bed Post Station Hospital was indeed the only medical installation available for training of the 10 different hospital units stationed at Camp Rucker in this period.

With few exceptions the Medical and Surgical Officers served only as observers and adequate practical training could only be provided for about one half of the Technical specialists! Following the period of basic training all the Nurses served in their professional capacity at the Camp Rucker Station Hospital.

Not only did the lack of hospital equipment badly influence training; but other reasons would soon affect the organization. However, soon after, the organization was seriously affected by the Army Directive to discharge all men over 38 who could be of service in essential national industry.

Nearly men were made eligible for discharge and of this number signified their intention to apply for Honorable Discharge. Before the 3d left Cp. Rucker, Alabama, of these men were effectively discharged! Moreover, the unit was ordered to leave behind a cadre of 30 men and was truly confronted with a shortage of personnel when it was alerted for early overseas movement 30 March , the final readiness date for equipment being set for 12 April and for all personnel 16 April. All leaves and furloughs were immediately cancelled, and all those men ho had been on DS with other units, were ordered back to the organization.

With few exceptions these replacements were unsatisfactory.

Michael Fairman TV

Rucker although they all had to be processed before leaving for their overseas assignment. Several pertinent training films were shown to emphasize the importance of military discipline and secrecy.

Perkie's Observations: Shiloh Starts a Search for His Baby on GH

Last minute preparations included the stenciling of luggage shipment numbers which had only been received on 8 April — designation: RR. Training Schedule. Before the hike: Lieutenant Colonel George H. All the personnel, the necessary supplies and personal luggage were collected and sent to the pier, after which the necessary processing of personnel including immunization typhus shots were duly completed within 48 hours.