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To add image to MP3 audio file, you can also consider using ApowerEdit.

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Aside from exporting edited media projects to video, it can also help users to export the media project to portable devices like iPhone and Android devices. You may check the following steps to learn how to operate this program.

Probably the basic way to add a picture to a soundtrack is by using Windows Media Player. There is no need to download this tool if you are using Windows OS for it comes as default. This is an old but stable media player which lets you add a cover image in 2 ways.

The first way is to add cover to mp3 from an online database. Open your Windows Media Player and connect to the internet. Besides, you can add cover manually.

To do so, go to the photo that you want to use as a cover and copy it. It will be then scaled in an appropriate size and used a cover photo instantly. On the other hand, if you want a professional way to add image to MP3 tag, then you better use Streaming audio recorder. With ID3 feature there is no need for you to add info and image cover manually. This application can automatically identify them as soon as you start with the recording.

In case the music info together with the cover image is not detected, you can do the following.

Album art still appears?

With iTunes, you can easily get the album artwork of the selected mp3 by downloading it from the iTunes store. However, this artwork cannot be added to the mp3 directly but to the database only. Aside from downloading the album image from iTunes Store, you may also choose to add artwork to mp3 manually. Now you can see the ID3 tag information of this song. If you are using a SmartPhone then the app for your specific needs is Cover Art Downloader for mobile.

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This is a great application that automatically fills in any missing info about a certain album which includes cover image. MP3 players can be found anywhere. Now days it's common for people to have them on their smart phones and there's many people who are confused about how to control their music's artwork. Sometimes it appears and sometimes not.

To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: Downloading Music. Learn more You'll find that sometimes a song will have the artwork already attached and sometimes not and this depends mostly on it's original source or format. Plug your cell phone or mp3 player into the computer and find the songs that you wish to attach album artwork to. Usually upon plugging your mp3 into the computer a window will pop up asking what you would like to do. If this happens then click "open folder to view files.

Highlight each song that doesn't have artwork attached and move it to the new folder you have created on your desktop.

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Once all the desired songs are copied to the new folder onto your computer, open iTunes and create a "new playlist. Now select all of the songs in your new folder and drag them to this new playlist on iTunes.

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Start attaching artwork. With this list of music on the iTunes playlist, you are now ready to attach your album artwork. This must be done one song, or one album at a time. Select the song you wish to work with and right-click it. Select "Get info" then click the tab that says "Artwork.

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If not, then press "Add" and you can then browse your entire computer to attach any image you like. Remember that if you do not have the album artwork on file in your computer which is almost always the case then you will need to go and find it first and the best way to do this through the internet. Before doing this you will first need to go into "my computer" then the file "my pictures" then right click and select "new folder" Name this folder, "my album artwork.

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Once you have this folder created and ready for use, browse the internet to find the album artwork or your specific song. One such place to find them is www. Once you find the picture you wish to attach, right click the image and select "save picture as. Notice that by making these changes in iTunes, the original mp3 files are also changed.

This means that the songs you initially copied onto the new folder on the desktop in the beginning are also changed. Once you make all the album artwork modifications to each song you want then you simply take those files from that new folder on your desktop and re-copy them to your mp3 player.