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But theres plenty of family drama when her father reveals his plans to marry Mrs Chin. With Mac and Catherine finally a couple, surely nothing can stand in the way of their happiness, right? Not if Jo's got anything to do with it. After Adam leaves her for an ex-girlfriend, Jo makes it clear to Mac that she wants him back. When Noah gets his girlfriend pregnant, Jo has an opportunity to get close to Mac again. When Michelle confides in Catherine about the relationship and the dose of medication she's been put on, Catherine is concerned. She challenges Doctor Manning. Things just get worse for Michelle in episode six, when Doctor Manning assaults her and then tells the police shes vandalised his car which hes done to cover his tracks.

What's more, he threatens to get Michelle sectioned if she tells anyone what's happened between them.

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Even after she woke from her coma, and looked likely to make a good recovery, I kept anticipating a stroke, or a brain aneurysm or something awful to throw everyone into turmoil once more. But perhaps I've been watching too much Game of Thrones, where killing off lead characters seems par for the course. The Nothing Trivial finale certainly threw a few challenges at pub quiz team Sex On A Stick, but ultimately they stuck with happy endings for everyone. And that was a pleasing way to wrap things up, even if it made for a relatively corny, occasionally eye-rolling, sentimental last hurrah.

We've come to expect a bit of sentimentality from bubbly teacher Emma Debbie Newby-Ward. So it was great to see her pour an orange juice on the head of Mac's ex-wife Jo poor Katherine Kennard really drew the short straw playing Jo, who everyone loves to hate , and give new husband Brian Blair Strang a solid pep talk when he was a feeling a bit lost in all the domesticity of his life. But seeing Catherine get a bit soppy and tearful wasn't quite as appealing - I'd grown to enjoy her intelligent, confident, and occasionally mischievous ways.

Thankfully she got it together for the final scenes, and beat rival Jo in the quiz final to end them all, despite her brain function not being quite per cent who knew Jo was so good at quiz questions by the way? And of course we had Michelle Nicole Whippy to keep up the ballsy attitude in her stead.

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Her "double deal-breaker" with high-powered businessman fiance Richard Richard Knowles , and their ensuing reconciliation was a little predictable, but it was a pleasure to see Barnie Duncan back on screen as Michelle's wily ex-husband - their storyline provided some good laughs, particularly the moment when Michelle arrived at his house to break off their business deal, only to find he'd been conning her all along. Of course they needed to address how Brian would cope with a third child, financially and emotionally, and the storyline involving his business expansion and taking a troubled teen under his wing, along with Noah Mac's formerly wayward son , was a nice exploration of his past and present.

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Plus it helped to shift the attention away from Mac, after he'd been front and centre throughout the first third, with puffy eyes, under harsh hospital lighting, enduring endless beeping noises at Catherine's bedside. His French may have been appalling - he'd been reading a tourist book to the Francophile Catherine as she lay in a coma - but Shane Cortese certainly held our attention with an affecting performance of a man struggling under the strain of nearly losing a loved one.

He once again came out looking like the character most likely to receive love letters.

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Sure there were a few questions left dangling - will Catherine ever return to full health? Has her daughter Celeste come home for good? Overview Etymology Trivialism, as a term, is derived from the Latin word trivialis, meaning something that can be f. The element mercury was named after the Roman god painting by Hendrik Goltzius.

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In chemistry, a trivial name is a nonsystematic name for a chemical substance. A trivial name is not a formal name and is usually a common name. Generally, trivial names are not useful in describing the essential properties of the thing being named. Properties such as the molecular structure of a chemical compound are not indicated.

And, in some cases, trivial names can be ambiguous or will carry different meanings in different industries or in different geographic regions. For example, a trivial name such as white metal can mean various things. On the other hand, systematic names can be so convoluted and difficult to parse that their trivial names are preferred. As a result, a limited number of trivial chemical names are retained names, an accepted part of the nomenc. Nicole Whippy or [1] is a New Zealand actress who has been in a number of television series over the years in New Zealand, but is best known for her role as Kasey Mason in the hit comedy-drama Outrageous Fortune.

In , she starred in the series Nothing Trivial as hard-nosed Michelle Hardcastle. Voiced character "Navali" in online video game "Path of Exile" In , she starred as Cece King, a social worker who dealt with her mother-in-law's dementia and eventual death, her husband's sexual assault allegations, and her daughter's pyromania. She also revealed that her mother is a maternal mental health nurse. Scott Abbott Racing Stable Ltd. The Mississauga News. Retrieved 9 September Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved 9 Septemb.

She had a small recurring role as Hera on Young Hercules, and partly played Alcmene in its parent show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in the first season. Filmography Television Shortland Street — Julia Thornton Young Hercules Hera 4 episodes Cleopatra — The Voice Outrageous Fortune — Ngaire Munroe Burying Brian Rhonda Welch Legend of the Seeker Prelate Annalina Aldurren Nothing Trivial Anne Filthy Rich — Allister -. Carolyn Dando born about is an actress and singer from Auckland, New Zealand.

As a young child she had a passion for music, not acting. The following year she gave a solo performance in front of several hundred school children and their parents at the annual regional school choir festival, with guests including the Mayor of Auckland City. She was encouraged by teachers to develop her talent, and began to study classical singing as well as theory and piano with the professional soprano Gina Sanders.

Kyle Pryor born 10 January is an English actor. Before that he was a stunt man on several films including Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. He competed in various National competitions, winning the British and English Championships in his weight and grade category.

In , he was awarded a 'Distinction' Black Belt. Charles E. Chapin October 19, — December 13, was a New York newspaper editor. He was convicted of the murder of his wife and sentenced to a year-to-life term in Sing Sing prison. Career Chapin was born in upstate Watertown, New York and began his career on a Kansas newspaper, aged 14, moving later to Chicago to work for the Tribune, where he gained renown as a crime reporter. He excelled sufficiently to be hired in by the World, a New York daily, run by the Pulitzer family, which enjoyed one of the largest circulations in the country.

Chapin became editor of the evening edition of the World and was renowned as a hard taskmaster. He is said to have fired a total of journalists during his tenure — one of them for daring to use the new-fangled word "questionnaire". Among his victims was his own publisher's son. Opinions of Chapin Many newspapermen considered Chapin to be "the greatest city editor who ever lived". Those who worked for him, however, often hated him. When Irvin S. In computer science, Kosaraju's algorithm also known as the Kosaraju—Sharir algorithm is a linear time algorithm to find the strongly connected components of a directed graph.

Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman credit it to S. Rao Kosaraju and Micha Sharir. Kosaraju suggested it in but did not publish it, while Sharir independently discovered it and published it in It makes use of the fact that the transpose graph the same graph with the direction of every edge reversed has exactly the same strongly connected components as the original graph.

The algorithm The primitive graph operations that the algorithm uses are to enumerate the vertices of the graph, to store data per vertex if not in the graph data structure itself, then in some table that can use vertices as indices , to enumerate the out-neighbours of a vertex traverse edges in the forward direction , and to enumerate the in-neighbours of a vertex traverse edges in the backward direction ; however the last can be done without, at the price of. This is a list of New Zealand television series.

This television-related list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. She migrated to New Zealand with her family when she was six years old and competed in Irish dance during her teens.

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In , Katrina earned a role on Shortland Street,[3][4] which she appeared in for eight years playing receptionist Minnie Crozier. Later, in , Devine married former Shortland Street co-star Blair Strang; the couple later divorced. Other Devine has sung in several musical productions and is the editor of the New Zealand teen magazine Creme. Devine presently resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where she manages a pub. She has six sibling.

Production still from Peter Salmon's shortfilm, 'Playing Possum'. Starring Tamsin Worts. Photo: Michael Salmon. Production still from Peter Salmon's shortfilm, 'Fog'. Salmon has directed many successful short films since graduating from film school in She took her first ballet lesson when she was three years old and enrolled at repertory theatre when she was eight. She has since returned to London to study Method Acting and has completed work on the feature film 'London Thing' along with the internet series 'Conquering Demons', 'Manhattan Money' and various short films.

Voice acting Tezel has been involved in voice acting for numerous commercials including OK! South Pacific Pictures is a television production company based in New Zealand. The company produces drama series, mini-series, telemovies and feature films for the domestic market and international market. In , the company released Sione's Wedding and in , the Oscar-nominated feature film Whale Rider. In the company produced the feature film, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? This is a list of television series in the comedy-drama genre. It was released on 26 August Title Length 1.

Trivial Pursuit: America Plays is an American syndicated game show loosely based on the board game of the same name. It premiered on September 22, and aired first-run episodes through May 22, with repeats continuing until September The host was Christopher Knight the pilot was hosted by Mark L.

The series was syndicated by Debmar-Mercury. Trivial Pursuit: America Plays replaced Temptation on a majority of stations that carried it, and inherited its predecessor's abysmal ratings. In January , it was announced that America Plays would not be renewed for a second season. Peter McCauley born 8 March is an actor from New Zealand who has appeared in many television series and movies, mainly in his home country. His character on The Lost World was a scientist with a thirst to prove the existence of dinosaurs on a plateau in the jungle.

When the expedition is stranded he and other characters come upon various societies and creatures.