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There are two possible ways how to clean mac to free memory. The first one is a manual method.

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Moreover, the latter is only the option for experienced users. That is why for newbies, we suggest the second way. You simply download and install a trusted application which was specially designed and made for such purposes. Among the most famous applications, take a look at MacFly Pro. What can this app offer you? A combination of three main features Smart Assistant, Cleanup and Tools can help you scan the system in few minutes, identify the main issues and remove them completely.

Also, this app can provide you with useful daily tips to increase your activity. In case you do not have enough memory for better performance, here are some methods how to free up ram mac. Enter the following command: sudo purge. The next step is to enter a password, after that your inactive memory will be cleared. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a current method? That happens frequently; wish I knew the reason. Page content loaded. Jun 26, AM in response to d00dbro In response to d00dbro.

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Tip # 1. Remove Login Items to lower Mac memory usage

Memory Use. Jun 26, AM. Thanks, but I've already looked at a lot of similar threads. Most of them do not involve any performance problems and end up with the conclusion that it's nothing to worry about, and I found someone with a kinda similar problem, but his "bandage" solution was to repair permissions. But that's not what happens for me. Nothing is able to use the inactive RAM, and my computer gets really bogged down. CPU and disk usage are all normal.

Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that. At least you will have piece of mind when you get a confirmation of what is really going on. Jun 26, PM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister The "copy to clipboard" option is broken for some reason. I thought that the large page out size in the report was important. Here is the rest of it, but this is kinda tedious to read:. In any event, Wireshark has problems with Lion, so get rid of it.

You have too many to mention.

How to Free up Memory on Mac: Three Most Effective Ways

Any one, or the aggregate of several can be the culprit. Research their respective developer's websites for removal instructions or updates. If they do not say it is specifically designed for Mountain Lion, regard it with extreme prejudice. Modifying OS X makes it difficult to maintain and can cause any number of interesting ramifications.

There are plenty of inept developers out there. Booting Safe Mode is an easy way to load only required OS X system components and omit the junk, to determine if one or more are the cause of this. Inactive Memory is "Cached" data.

It is not a memory leak, is how the operating system avoids going to disk for something that may already be in RAM cached. However, the OS cannot predict the future, it just uses the past to make a best guess. Slowness that is cured by purging Inactive Memory is generally caused by the apps you have been running creating a lot of modified data in RAM, and they are either still running or they have quit but the modified data has not been flushed to disk yet. When something else wants the memory, the OS must first flush the modified data to disk before it can give the Inactive Memory to the new applications.

If you use 'purge', then you are picking a time and a place of your choosing to flush all modified data from RAM to disk. Using 'purge' once in a while is fine.

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However, automated processes the run purge on a regular basis keep you disk awake uses battery life on laptops , and if you are using a Solid State Disk, it puts extra wear on your SSD that can shorten its life expectancy, as SSD's have a limited number of write cycles in them. Chances are you either need to run fewer things at the same time, or you could benefit from installing more RAM on your Mac. Thanks for the reply.

I'm getting rid of WireShark right now, so I'll see what that does. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: d00dbro d00dbro. More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: etresoft etresoft. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0.

see url View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. Jun 26, PM in response to d00dbro In response to d00dbro I have to keep flushing the inactive RAM with a memory cleaning tool or else my computer slows to a crawl.